Monday, October 10, 2005

God continues to provide!

Joe has been been working for the last three weeks doing construction in Palm Desert, CA which is next door to Palm Springs. The first and last of those weeks, Erica, Cody and Alissa were up there with him. The middle week, he was there by himself. We realized that that was the first time since Erica took a trip to England while she was still working at the hotel in Memphis, TN that we have been apart for more that a day. It was a lot more traumatic than we thought it would be.

Thank the Lord, though, for the opportunity to earn a few more bucks. We were able to bless the kids for their birthdays last month and pay all the bills. This Sunday is our 23rd wedding anniversary. So we will be able to do something special as well. There is an Italian restaurant in Yuma that Erica really likes so I am hoping that we will get the chance to have an evening out together!

We are back home for at least these two weeks. A group from the Acts Community Church in Bedford, PA is arriving this coming Saturday on a missions trip. We will be finalizing their itinerary this week and working with them next. We look forward to seeing them again.