Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still in the Bluff City

Some of you may not have known that one of the nicknames for Memphis, TN is "The Bluff City" because of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.

The Lord has not released us from Memphis as yet so those of you in and around Memphis have a few extra days to get together with us or have us in to your gathering to share if you would like!

BTW, don't forget about GoodSearch. Each time you do a search at www.goodsearch.com you can choose Hope House International, Yuma, AZ as your charity and 1 penny goes toward Hope House support!

Further Up! Further In!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Greetings from a chilly Memphis!

We are still in Memphis for a few more days.
Our hope is to be on the road by no later than Nov. 1 or 2. We are planning on breaking up the trip of 1600 miles by a stop in Oklahoma City, then the Grand Canyon. We are looking forward to hugging some necks of some transplanted Memphians in Phoenix!! That will probably put back in Mexico near the end of the second week of November.
Those of you in and around the Memphis area, we still have a few days left if you would like to get together!
I wanted to make mention of and give a big "Thank You" to a few other folks in Pennsylvania who were a great blessing:
-Bruce Delsignore who has such a servant's heart for helping with the church property
-Pastor Jim and Donna at Covenant Church East in Greensburg, Debbie Wills, too!!!
-Pastor Gerald Demarest and the folks at the First Christian Church in Monongahela
-George Lyons and Kathy Petrosky "A merry heart is better than strong medicine!"
-Pastor John and Sandy Derrico and the beloved at Christian Center for their friendship through the years, their generosity and for their willingness to embrace the move of God
-Pastor Donald Hornsby and the Saturday Night Gathering at the 1st UMC in McKeesport for allowing me to share
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update from Memphis, TN

I have been working my way through a book recommended earlier in the year by Sam Walker, a friend from Michigan entitled "Velvet Elvis". I recently came across this phrase,
"We need to recognize that we are loved simply because we exist."
Not how much we do or have done, not because of our accomplishments or inspite of our failures but just because we exist! How liberating!
I hope that sets you free and gives you hope like it does me!
Anyway, we are now in Memphis, TN having had a great trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Bedford, PA then on to Galena, MD, a stop over in Williamsburg and Chesapeake, VA, on down to Myrtle Beach, SC, further down to Orlando, FL and finally back up to Memphis and the MidSouth!
God has blessed and provided all long the way. Thanks goes out to my Dad and Mom for all their help all summer for the use of a vehicle for their generosity and servant hearts and all the assistance as we packed up and headed out from Elizabeth, PA. My sister Joy and her husband Steve for allowing the Lord to perform His will in our midst. Doug and Dee Miller in Bedford, PA let us pull up and plug in at their house for a few days. Thanks to them, their pastors, John and Kim Bennett, some of whom are in Mexico even as I write this, and all the folks at Acts Community Church.
Thanks to Ric and Karen Niehaus in Maryland, Erica's brother, for their generosity and kindness. Congrats on the new little one! Thanks for taking the kids up for those acrobatic flights!
We were able to have dinner with Jeff and Janet DeCastillia in Virginia where we were blessed to see how well Rosa is doing. Jeff and Janet adopted Rosa from the orphanage in Mexico. All are doing exceptional! Thanks for dinner, Jeff!
While in Myrtle Beach, SC, two families were especially helpful and gracious to us. A tip of the hat to Pierre and Melinda Tavernier for your help and demonstrated love. Thanks to them and the Mata family for lending us a vehicle while we were "docked" there. We so enjoyed our fellowship with them all. Martin and Veronica Mata were our next door neighbors and Martin took over the the Spanish church we had started while we lived there. All are doing great! Thanks for all!
Erica's Aunt and Uncle - Marty and John Shandrick - met us at Disney World in Orlando and surprised us with four tickets to Disney World! We were able to visit all four theme parks in two days! Needless to say we didn't see everything. We just hit the best roller coasters and 3D shows. We were able to spend some time with Marty and John as well! Thanks for your kindness to us!
We are currently camped out with the Richards in Oakland, TN, east of Memphis. Their one daughter, Niki, is an intern at Disney and was able to get us the campsites at the Disney Campground at a great discount. She, also, helped us navigate while we were there! Thanks Niki!
Bill and Tonya Richard are one of those families who have been homeschooling for twenty years or so and have done a tremendous job. Being with them is always an inspiration and their graciousness and kindness to us are always a real encouragement!
To those of you in the Memphis area, we are here! If you would like to get together, we would love to hear from you. You can call our cell listed below and we will set up a time to fellowship!
We do not know how long we will be in the Memphis area but our hope is to be back in Mexico by mid-November.
The Father has been gracious to us all during this trip. We have had the funds we needed for gas for the RV when we needed it. But more importantly, we have renewed relationships that had gone dormant, meet new friends, had the opportunity to share the vision for Hope House and the Word of the Lord. People have responded and the Lord has received the glory due His Name! We have talked with several folks who expressed an interest in joining us in Mexico. Be praying that those who are called will recognize that call very clearly and respond to the call with enthusiasm and passion, allowing nothing to deter or sidetrack them from the Father's desire!
Our first order of business once we are back home will be to look for a larger house to rent. We feel strongly that the team needs to be under one roof to be discipled, to learn the language and culture and to learn my heart!
We ask you to be praying for the team, for God's provision in people, facilities and funds!
Thanks to you all for standing with us in prayer and provision.
By the way, I was recently asked by a friend how they might send support to Hope House. Checks can be made out to Hope House International and mailed to our address below.
That wraps it up for today!
As they say in the Chronicles of Narnia,
"Further Up and Further In!"