Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Week's Best Grocery Deals

This week there are a few deals on cereal, Chicken leg quarters and some snacks getting ready for Super Bowl party, like chips. Best produce prices are always at the Mexican markets like Pro's or Food City and Superstition Ranch Market on Main between Greenfield and Higley - worth a trip occasionally.


Breyers Ice Cream $1.99 1.5 qt.
Lays Potato Chips or Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.99
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.57/lb
Petite Sirloin Buy 1, Get 2 FREE
Mix N Match 10/$10 - some good deals (use coupons)

Kellogg's Cereals $1.88, Free gallon of milk when you buy 4!! GREAT DEAL!!
Boneless New York Strip Steak $3.99/lb
Sanderson Farms Fryer Leg Quarters $0.39/lb GREAT PRICE!
Green Asparagus $1.49/lb
Broccoli or Cauliflower $0.89/lb
Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna or S&W Beans $0.48

Food City
Chicken Leg Quarters $0.49/lb
Navel Oranges 2 lbs/$1
Broccoli $0.69/lb

Fresh & Easy
Whole Chicken $0.79/lb
80/20 Ground Beef $1.49/lb
Large Grade AA Eggs 18 ct. $1.57

BUY 10, SAVE $5 Mix N Match:
Kraft or Sargento Shredded or bar cheese or American singles $1.49 ($0.99 w/ coupon)
Hunt's or Rotel Tomatoes $0.49 (FREE w/coupon)
Hormel Chili $0.79 ($0.29 w/coupon)
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish $0.88
Kleenex $0.99 ($0.66 w/coupon)
Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist 2 liter $0.79
Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies $0.99
Blueberries 6 oz. $1
Whole Chickens $0.88/lb
Wholly Guacamole & Salsa $1 (FREE w/coupon)
Post Cereal $1.99 ($1.49 w/ coupon)
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $0.99 ($0.74 w/coupon)
Toaster Strudel $1.49 ($0.99 w/coupon)
Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables $1.49
French's Mustard $1.19 ($0.19 w/coupon)
Frank's Hot Sauce $1.19 ($0.49 w/coupon)
Armour Meatballs 14-16 oz. $1.99 ($0.99 w/coupon)
Pro's Ranch Market
70% lean ground beef $0.88/lb
Roma Tomatoes 3 lbs/$0.99
Red Delicious Apples 3 lbs/$0.99
Bone-In Pork Country Style Ribs $0.88/lb
1-2-3 Vegetable or Corn Oil 1 liter $1.49
Jennie-O Turkey Franks 2/$1
Muenster or Asadero Cheese $1.98/lb (quesadilla cheese)
Fresh Peaches $0.99/lb
Cucumbers 5/$0.99
Carrots in Bag 3 lbs/$0.99
Broccoli 2 lbs/$0.99
Cilantro 5/$0.99
Mexican Green Onions 3/$0.99
"La Chona" Sliced American Cheese $0.99/lb

Boneless Beef Round Steak $1.57/lb
Mangos 3/$1
3 lb bag of Clementines $2.47
Post Honey Bunches of Oats or General Mills Lucky Charms $1.88
Gatorade 32 oz. $0.69
5 lbs. Bag Idaho Russet Potatoes $0.68
Doritos $0.99 w/in ad coupon (limit 5)

Asparagus $1.29/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.88/lb
Iceberg Lettuce $0.69
Gala Apples $0.99/lb
Roma Tomatoes $0.69/lb
Vitamin Extravaganze 25% off
Freshly Ground Buffalo $4.99/lb

Happy Grocery Shopping!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It is SO great when your kids get old enough....

I love having teenagers!! Let me just say how cool it has been to see them become so independent and such nice teens. I know many (or most) folks really dread the teen years because of how difficult their relationship becomes with their teens. But, so far, I have had the opposite experience. My son is 15 1/2 and my daughter is 13 1/2 and they are lovely young people!! They get along better than they ever have and are truly becoming friends. And our relationship has changed ALOT, but I really like it! They are really great to talk to, we have great talks about all kinds of things. They are young people that I am really proud of, care for others, are very confident in themselves, have wonderful senses of humor, and love God with all their hearts.

And one of the best perks of this new stage in their lives is that my husband and I can now go on date nights without worrying about getting a sitter!!! We rarely ever had the opportunity in all the 15 years of raising them, so this is so great for us! We went to dinner and a movie last night and didn't worry about our kids staying home at all. We rented them a movie they wanted to see and we have a very large dog to watch out for them. It was SO wonderful!!

What about your experiences with your teens? Do you have a great relationship with them? I am interested in hearing input from you about raising your teens.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Week's Best Grocery Deals in Phoenix Area

Generic brands are on sale this week, so check them out. Also, General Mills has deals and Quaker.

Albertsons (Double Coupons up to $0.50, Triple up to $0.33)
Chuck Roast $1.99/lb
Strawberries $1.88/lb
Quaker Products $1.87 ea when you buy 7
Albertson's Butter 2/$4
Shopper's Value Brand Sale:
Vegetable Oil $2.29/48 oz.
Paper Plates 100 ct. $1.69
Napkins 400 ct. $2.29
and more...
In Ad Coupons:
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing $0.99 (limit 2)
Donald Duck OJ 64 oz. $0.99
Albertsons Yogurt or Biscuits 4/$1
Velveeta 32 oz. $3.99
VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz. $0.69

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.37/lb (first 4)
80% lean ground beef $1.37/lb
AZ Grown Green or Red Leaf or Romain Lettuce $0.77 each
Barilla Pasta, Del Monte or S&W Tomatoes $0.88
Dole Juice Blends $1.99 1/2 gallon
V8 Fusion 2/$5
With In Ad Coupon:
General Mills Cereal, Fruit or Granola Bars Buy 6, Get $3 off=$1.50 each
Yoplait Yogurt Buy 10, get $1 off=$0.40 each

Food City
Bone-In Country Style Pork Ribs $0.99/lb
Boneless Top Sirloin $1.49/lb
Green Cabbage 4 lbs/$1
Bone-in Split Chicken Breasts $0.99/lb
Navel Oranges $0.59/lb
Sweet Potatoes or Yams 2 lbs/$1
Cilantro 4/$1
Red Delicious Apples $0.69/lb
Chicken Drumsticks $0.68/lb
Pork Carnitas $1.29/lb
Raw Shrimp 61-70 ct. $2.99/lb
Brown Onions 4 lbs/$1
Roma Tomatoes 2 lbs/$1
Anjou Pears 2 lbs/$1

Fresh & Easy
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.88/lb
Bounty Paper Towels $1.19

Meat Sale:
Boneless Half Pork Loin $1.77/lb
Boneless Beef Bottom Round Roast Buy1, Get 1 FREE ($4.99/lb)
Pork Picnic Roast $0.99/lb
Boneless Pork Sirloin $1.69/lb
Fresh Pork Butt $1.49/lb
Chilean Peaches of Nectarines $0.97/lb
Milk $1.59/gallon
Scott Paper Towels 6 rolls $5.99
Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 double rolls $5.99
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies or Town House Crackers $1.88
Coke 2 liters $0.75 when you buy 4
Hunt's Pasta Sauce 10/$10
Whole Frying Chicken $0.88/lb
Kroger Value Brand:
160 ct. napkins 10/$10
Paper Plates 100 ct. $1.73
Buns $0.88
Ketchup $1.29

Pro's Ranch Market
Chicken Leg Quarters 10 lb bag $0.48/lb
Iceberg Lettuce 4/$0.99
Pacific Rose Apples 3 lbs/$0.99
Oranges 5 lbs/$0.99
Jalapenos 2 lbs/$0.99
Hass Avocados Small 3/$0.99
Mushrooms 8 oz $0.99
Broccoli 2 lbs/$0.99
Boneless Beef Shoulder Clod Steak or Roast $1.98
Yoplait Yogurt $0.39/each
BumbleBee Chunk Light Tuna 2/$1
Bolillos 6/$0.99
Flour Tortillas 30 ct. $2.50
Mix & Match General Mills items, buy 5, save $5
Mangos 3/$0.99
Bananas 3 lbs/$0.99
Tangerines 5 lbs/$0.99
Cilantro 8/$0.99
Brown Onions 7 lbs/$0.99
Pork Chops $0.98/lb
Boneless Beef Chuck Steak $1.98/lb
Tilapia Fillets $1.98/lb

Safeway (All Coupons are worth $1)
Beef 7-Bone Chuck Pot Roast $0.99/lb
Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs $0.99/lb
Honeysuckle White Whole Turkey Breast $0.99/lb
Fresh Express Spinach, Shreds or Green & Crisp $0.99
Blueberries 6 oz. $0.99
Ruby Red Grapefruit 3 lbs/$0.99
Barilla Pasta $0.99
S&W Beans or Rosarito Refried Beans $).99
Safeway Frozen Veggies 12-16 oz $0.99
Safeway Biscuits, Crescents or Cinnamon Rolls $0.99
Quaker and General Mills Buy 4, Save $4
Progresso Traditional or Rich & Hearty Soup $1.11

Blueberries $1.88/pint
Bulk Walnuts $3.99/lb
Bartlett or Bosc Pears $0.77/lb
Bulk Cranberries $2.99/lb
Bone-In Chicken Breast 10 lbs/$10
Pork Country-Style Ribs 10 lbs/$10
Free-Range Whole Turkey 10 lbs/$10
Fresh Pork Steaks 10 lbs/$10
Beef Back Ribs 10 lbs/$10

Happy Grocery Shopping!

Wow, It Rained and Rained and Rained....

First of all, we live in the desert!! So it has been YEARS since we have seen alot of rain. Well, yesterday changed that - at least for the present. It rained all day long! We got more rain yesterday than we did all of last year:-)

And, as things usually will go, Cody had football practice yesterday - in the rain! And did it slow down to a sprinkle? NO!! It rained harder and harder as practice progressed. They did cut it short because it was also very cold! But then I had to load a soaking, dripping wet son into my car for the trip home. He was SO wet!! Thankfully, I had thought to bring towels and a plastic bag for the wet stuff. We turned the heater on to the max and tried to get him warmed up:-)

It was quite an experience for us desert-dwelling folk! I know, those of you who live elsewhere in the country, this is probably a fairly normal occurrence. Especially during football season. But here, not so much. And since this is winter football, it is also cooler than normal for football - but that is a GOOD thing! 112 degrees when you have to practice football is NO fun!

And add to that the fact that the ground hasn't had rain for so long that it is hard as rock and the rain made lakes on the field in a short time. It was very interesting and varied the norm for us desert folk. Today, I am washing the musty clothes from last evening....smells so wonderful!! And tips for getting the smell out? Love to hear any ideas:-)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Week's Best Grocery Deals in Phoenix Area

I am trying to get back into a routine of posting the week's deals, but it is hard! Our schedule is different now and I am trying to adjust. This week, there are some spectacular deals and stack them with coupons to end up with some freebies even!

93% lean ground beef $1.67/lb (5 lbs or more)
London Broil $1.77/lb
Snow Crab Cluster $3.00/lb
Milk $1.58/gal
SUPER COUPON SAVINGS (in ad coupons):
Skippy Peanut Butter $0.99/(limit 2)
Kellogg's Cereal $1.50 (limit 4)
Simply Orange Juice 64 oz. $1.99 (limit 2)
2 lb blocks of cheese $3.88 (limit 2)
Jennie O Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast $2.88/lb (limit 3 lbs)
Tomatoes on the Vine 14 oz. $1 (limit 2)
Freshly Baked French Bread $0.88 (limit 1)
Iceberg Lettuce $0.78 (limit 2)
Prego Pasta Sauce or Albertsons Pasta 32 oz. 2/$3 (limit 2 each)
Purez 2X Ultra Liquid Detergent 50 oz. $1.99 (limit 4)

Chuck Roast $1.27/lb
T-Bone Steak $3.99/lb
5 lb bag Russet Potatoes $0.79
Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1.75 qt. $2.88
Food Club Vegetables 2/$1

Food City
Whole Chicken Fryers $0.79/lb
Bone-In Chuck Steak $1.69/lb
navel Oranges 2 lbs/$1
Iceberg Lettuce 2/$1
White Onions 5 lbs/$1
Green Bell Peppers 5/$1
Tomatillos 3 lbs/$.99
Anjou Pears 2 lbs/$1

Fresh & Easy
80/20 ground beef $1.49/lb (2 lbs or more)

93% lean ground beef $1.88/lb (2 lb chub)
Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip Roast $1.88/lb
Dole Premium Classic Salads 9-12 oz. $0.88
Gala, Fuji, Braeburn, Cameo, Pink Lady or Jonagold Apples $0.88/lb
1/2 gallon milk $0.88
Banquet Dinners $0.88
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip 16 oz. $0.88
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix 8-10 ct. $0.88
Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables 10-12 oz. $0.88
Rica A Roni, Pasta Roni or Knorr Side Dishes $0.88
Kroger Orange Juice 1/2 gallon or Sunny D Punch 48-64 oz. $0.88
Nabisco Snack-Saks or Go-Cups $0.88
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 4 pk $0.88
Kroger Salad Dressings or Marinades $0.88
American Beauty Pasta 16 oz. $0.88
Tony's Cruspty Crust Pizza or Totino's pizz arolls 7.5 oz. $0.88
Hunt's Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce 12-15 oz. $0.88
VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz. $0.88
Kroger Peanut Butter or Sandwich Bread 10/$10
StarKist Tuna 5 oz. can or 2.6 oz. pouch 10/$10 (use coupons for FREE)
Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz. 10/$10
Brown N Serve sausage or Aunt Jemima entrees 10/$10
Gatorade Sports Drink 32 oz. 10/$10

Pro's Ranch Market
Boneless Beef Bottom Round Steak or Roast $1.98/lb
Roma Tomatoes 3 lbs/$0.99
Fresh Bone-In Chicken Breasts $0.88/lb
10 lb bag of Potatoes $0.89
Powerade Thirst Quencher 32 oz. $0.49 (limit 6)
Springfield Sugar 5 lb $1.79
Regular or Smoked Turkey Ham $1.98/lb
Special Value White Paper Towels $0.39/roll
Boneless Chicken Leg Meat $0.98/lb
Boneless Beef Flap Meat $2.98/lb
Fresh Lean Pork Stew Meat $0.98/lb
Fresh Beef Mix for Soup with Vegetables $1.88/lb
1 liter 1-2-3 Vegetable Oil $1.29
Fresh Regular Ground Beef 70% lean $0.88/lb
Oranges 7 lbs/$0.99
Brown Onions 6 lbs/$0.99

80% lean ground beef $1.49/lb
Navel Oranges 3 lbs./$1
Mix & Match Juice Sale ($5 off when you buy 5):
Welch's 100% Grape Juice 64 oz. $1.99
V8 Fusion $1.99
ALSO, Lots of In-Ad Coupons when you spend $10:
Lucerne Eggs 18 ct. $0.99
Wishbone Salad Dressing $0.99 (limit 3)
Hot Dog buns $0.88
and more...

Hot House Tomatoes $0.67/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.59/lb
Fuji Apples $0.77/lb
Mangos 3/$1
Romaine Lettuce $0.77
Green Bell Peppers 3/$1
Roasts 40 % off
Hot Pepper Jack Cheese Bulk Cut $2.99/lb

Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secrets of Seasonal Sales

I just read a great post over at Pinching Your Pennies that outlines the typical seasonal sales on monthly basis. This is a great article to help you plan when to buy certain items. And also lets you know to hold on to your coupons until those items go on sale to get the best bargains. Take a minute to read this over and get a handle on your shopping overview for the year.

My Favorite Beverage

Sorry for the long sabbatical from posting!! Was enjoying the holidays and didn't feel much like posting. But now I am back in the swing of things and thought I would share my new favorite beverage - Gold Peak Green Tea!!

It is the absolute smoothest bottled tea I have ever tasted! My hubby bought be a bunch for Christmas, so I have been savoring about one a week. There are alot of calories and sugar in it, though, so I space them out pretty well. It is a treat for me and I don't want to make it a habit:-)

Just thought I would share this. What is your favorite beverage?