Monday, June 27, 2005

Just a Few Thoughts

I am new to blogging, so here is my first go at contributing to this family blog.

We are in our last week of homeschooling here and have moved our schooling to the afternoon in order to be able to enjoy the more moderate temperatures (only around 95-100 degrees) in the mornings in the pool and then spend the hottest hours of the day indoors wrapping up our studies. We have spent this school year studying the history of the world and how God was preparing the world for the spread of the gospel. We have studied MANY missionaries and read about 13 missionary biographies. It has been a truly incredible year for really focusing our hearts and minds on what the Great Commission is really all about. Our family devotion and prayer times have been wonderful and sweet. And I believe that, even more than before, our children feel the heart of God to reach everyone.

Tonight I went into say goodnight and pray and sing with my kids and my son was reading from Proverbs. He wanted to read several verses aloud to me and it really touched my heart. What a gift we have been given to be able to teach our children and be so close to them during these important years of their lives!! They BEG me each night to read several chapters from the current missionary biography we are reading - they absolutely LOVE them! (These are the YWAM missionary biographies, by the way).

We will probably take a couple weeks break before starting the new school year, but I hope to be able to take the kids up to Palm Desert so Cody can visit the World War II Air Museum - since we studied World War II a couple weeks ago, he has been asking when we can go there. And maybe we can go to Soak City, too:-)

Well, that's all for now, but I will try to write regularly so that you can keep up with our family's journey here in Mexico, perhaps from a little different perspective as a mom.

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