Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Missions to Unreached Peoples

We took a road trip last week to meet with Bruce and Pat Ernst from Missions to Unreached Peoples.

Bruce is the International Director for Member Care.

MUP has 125 missionaries in 20 countries. They are focused on the 1040 Window. Essentially, the provide independent missionaries the opportunity to go to the foreign field.

Their Member Care division provides pastoral care for those on the field. Currently, MUP has most of their missionaries in Asia. However, they also have folks in eastern Europe. They have openings in both sort term and long term ministry opportunities if you feel so led!

Bruce and Pat were very congenial and open with us about the ministry and their role in Thailand. They are back in the States for the holidays, taking a much needed break. We very much enjoyed our visit with them.

It did remind Erica and I of our original intent when I left the pastorate in 1984 - to work with missionaries on the field, providing everything from pastoral support to babysiting to computer help or just a listening ear.

Pray for all who serve in foreign countries that the Father will provide the nurturing that they need. We, also, covet your prayers.

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