Monday, May 15, 2006

Burgan's Update

Greetings one and all!

I wanted to update you on some things.

First, the sale of the land did not go through last week as hoped but should some time this week. Please be praying. This will delay our departure from Yuma but should not affect either our arrival in Memphis or Pittsburgh. But I will keep you posted!

The incorporation papers for Hope House International came through last Friday. Praise God! I will be going up to Yuma this week to set up the banking for the corporation. I also have our first official meeting of the board of directors this Wednesday.

We had been praying for someone to house-sit for us while we were gone but didn't have a clue as to who. I met a gentleman from Washington state who just recently moved to Mexico as a missionary and is needing a place to stay. The Lord worked it out and brought us together to fill both our needs. His name is Joe Avila. Be praying for him for direction, for favor and for clarity of vision!

Of particular interest to the folks in the Pittsburgh area (who had no Christian music radio last I knew) and others as well, is my recent discovery that iTunes, a music program from Apple that works on Macs or PCs has Christian radios stations built right in. You can choose from Air1, our favorite, or K-LOVE or southern Gospel, etc. and have it play through your computer. If you are interested in Air1 or K-LOVE in particular, you can also listen via their websites. I would also like to introduce you all to KNLB out of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Faron and Debbie Eckelbarger are the owners of the station and Miss Debbie does an afternoon program called "Kids' Korner" from 3-5pm Pacific Time. They feature kid's programs and even allow the younguns to call in to request a song or answer the question of the day. You can listen to them on line as well.

Here are the sites:
Also, if you use Windows and have not done so already, there are some major security updates that you need to download from Microsoft.

If you have never seen or heard of "The Wittenburg Door", I have posted a link to their newest newsletter at the "Musings" site. It is published by Christians and allows for a slightly different point of view on current events in Christendom with satire and parody!

Be blessed!

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