Monday, June 19, 2006

Update From Memphis

Greetings friends and family!

Where and how can I begin to tell of the marvelous grace of God that we have experienced in the Memphis, TN area!!!

We arrived 10 minutes before the home school conference was scheduled to begin on Friday the 2nd of June and have had an incredibly encouraging time sharing with churches and families of the vision of Hope House ever since. We have experienced that true fellowship where you “break off a little piece of yourself and share it with others”.

I plan on filling in the details after we arrive in Pittsburgh this week. Our plans are to set sail, as it were, from Memphis tomorrow, June 19, stopping off at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, arriving in Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to all of our friends, new and old, in Memphis who have made us feel so much at home, especially the Richard family at whose house we have camped out these last two weeks. They have been so gracious to us and our children. Thanks to Tonya for always having that cup of coffee ready early in the morning, to Bill for providing all the “technical support” for our rig and for both being such a source of encouragement. Thanks to Jo, Nikki, Sam and Josh for hanging out with Cody and Alissa and allowing us to interrupt your status quo.

There are some many more that I what to mention but I am out of time at the moment so expect an update from us in a few days in which I can properly thank all the folks here in Tennessee!

Be blessed!

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, we hope to see you soon. As soon as I can I will send out local contact information!

Joe “CJ” Burgan

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