Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sorry for the Unexpected Break...

Well, it wasn't planned, but I haven't had the time or energy lately to get this blog updated. I apologize for those who have been checking in and wondering what in the world happened to me. We have been very busy - several trips to Phoenix, 2 interns here for a month, preparing to move, working on homeschool products reviews (look for those coming up here soon;-). Whew! It makes me tired even thinking about it all!

But the good news is that things are settling down for a little bit (if you don't count packing in preparation to move at the end of the month:-) and I am hoping to get some posts caught up in the next couple of days.

Just to let you know, two weeks ago we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and I rode EVERY roller coaster there!! My kids and one other friend joined us, while my hubby and another friend sat and watched (roller coasters are just not their thing:-). It made my head spin sometimes and there were a few times I thought, "Are you CRAZY?", like when they suspended us face down for the start of one ride that swung you around and upside down - all face downward (Tatsu). And then there was X2 - the first and only roller coaster where the cars flip around and throw you into positions you just can't imagine, all the while riding a breathtaking roller coaster ride. There were even flame throwers (but my eyes were closed) and loud music and taunting voices in speakers just behind your head. The worst part was the jarring of your neck - thought I might have whiplash! But the pain went away pretty quickly and I was very proud of myself for making it through every one along with my kiddos. There weren't very many "older" folks like me in those lines:-)

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