Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow, It Rained and Rained and Rained....

First of all, we live in the desert!! So it has been YEARS since we have seen alot of rain. Well, yesterday changed that - at least for the present. It rained all day long! We got more rain yesterday than we did all of last year:-)

And, as things usually will go, Cody had football practice yesterday - in the rain! And did it slow down to a sprinkle? NO!! It rained harder and harder as practice progressed. They did cut it short because it was also very cold! But then I had to load a soaking, dripping wet son into my car for the trip home. He was SO wet!! Thankfully, I had thought to bring towels and a plastic bag for the wet stuff. We turned the heater on to the max and tried to get him warmed up:-)

It was quite an experience for us desert-dwelling folk! I know, those of you who live elsewhere in the country, this is probably a fairly normal occurrence. Especially during football season. But here, not so much. And since this is winter football, it is also cooler than normal for football - but that is a GOOD thing! 112 degrees when you have to practice football is NO fun!

And add to that the fact that the ground hasn't had rain for so long that it is hard as rock and the rain made lakes on the field in a short time. It was very interesting and varied the norm for us desert folk. Today, I am washing the musty clothes from last evening....smells so wonderful!! And tips for getting the smell out? Love to hear any ideas:-)

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