Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some More Woes of the Foreclosure Market

The reason I have not been posting many blog updates is that we are in the process of closing on our new home and moving. However, it has been a very long and drawn out affair since we are buying a foreclosed home. This puts us at the mercy of the selling bank, who, in this case, has dragged their feet and done many things that have caused great delays. We are down to the final details of closing, but with a title company/escrow company in another state!! This makes it all the more complicated and time-consuming.

I know it says in the Bible that God will not give us more than we are able to handle, so I trust Him to be in control of all of this, but my patience is stretched thin and my frustration level is so high I have had a dull headache for three days now. This coming weekend was our last weekend to move before running into an issue with our landlords. Now we are not going to be able to move until next week, and we have to face this issue and pray for an amicable resolve with them, since we are not going to be out until probably the 4th of April.

My husband is trying to see if he can get switch his off days at work to Wednesday/Thursday and/or Friday, but that is a very difficult thing to work out for him. So we will see!

If you are in the market for a house, please be aware that the process is completely at the mercy of the selling bank if you buy a foreclosed home. This can be a good thing in that you will probably get a great price for your house, but a bad thing if they drag their feet and cause delays like we have been experiencing. They can even choose a title company/escrow company in another state to complicate the matters even further!

We are very anxious to be in our new home and trying our best to survive these last few weeks/days/hours until we can make that a reality. God IS faithful and we trust in Him for His timing and to work it all out.

I will be back to posting more regularly in April, after the move and we get settled. Sorry for not being able to help with posting the grocery deals, but that is just more than I can handle right now. Looking forward to getting back to regular posting again soon!

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