Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blackberry Freezer Jam

I had never heard of freezer jam until lately and several blogs have posted about their freezer jam. Well, I just had to try it because my husband LOVES blackberry jam and I don't like the stuff in it. Blackberries are still REALLY cheap here, so I bought $4.00 worth (8 cups!!) and made 8 jars of blackberry freezer jam. It is SO yummy and SO easy - I can't believe I never did this before! I bought the pectin that you don't have to cook for $1.69 each (needed 2) and used a total of 2 1/2 cups of sugar for 8 cups of berries. Seems a much better ratio than some of the other pectins require.

Now the question is, how long will 8 jars last??? Probably not until next year's blackberries. Oh well, it is a great way to make the best of the harvest while it is here!


Laura O in AK said...

Sounds yummy! I wish berries were that cheap here. Then, I might consider making jam for the upcoming year.

Heather said...

I am picking blackberries today by our along the side of the road. I wish you could come get some. We are going to try blackberry jam for the first time, too. I am glad it is so easy. Which brand of pectin did you use?

The Happy Homeschool Mom said...

We love making freezer jam at our house. It is so easy for the kids to help. It doesn't last long but it is still cheaper (and tastes better) than buying it in the store. Stopping by on the TOS Blogwalk to say hi.