Monday, August 30, 2010

Set....Hut.....Here We Go!!

Football season has officially begun in the Burgan home!  This last week was Cody's first football game of the season playing JV football.  He started as center, and also played alot of defensive line (which is what he prefers).

Now, he has been practicing and doing weight camp almost every day since early April.  But now the games have begun!  It is very exciting to see him doing what he loves, and doing it quite well!  He has a game almost every week for the next two months.  I am helping to feed the boys each week before their games and my hubby is going to be video taping all the games.  We definitely like to be involved in helping with things that our kids are doing:-)

And I KNOW that we will be watching ALOT of football games on TV, too, as the NFL and college season get underway. season, here we come!!

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