Monday, October 25, 2010

Edible Cell Project

This past week in our Biology Co-op class, the students made Edible Cell replicas.  They could replicate either an animal or plant cell, using all edible components.  I thought I would share their very creative projects.

Ciara made a plant cell out of cake and candies.  She won for Most Accurate model.

 Dylan made an animal cell out of cake with fondant for the organelles.
 Jonah and Kerena made their plant cell out of cake with various treats used for the organelles. They won Most Creative Use of Ingredients award.
 Aubrianna and Chennady made their animal cell out of chocolate pie crust and icing, using nuts and candies for the organelles.
 Cody made his animal cell out of pumpkin pie, pudding and candies.  His replica won for Tastiest Cell.
 Alissa made her plant cell out of cake, pudding, fruit and candies.
 Emmalee made her plant cell out of cake and candies.
I was very proud of all of their Edible Cells and hope that they had fun doing this educational AND tasty project!!


Catherine said...

Hi there. I'm just dropping by from the TOS Crew. :)

Those models look great! What a great way to enjoy a biology lesson. :)

Catherine (aka alecat, Australia)

Anonymous said...

The kids did a great job on their edible cells! We did that project this week, still need to add the pictures to my blog. Fun!

Tulsa Courthouse said...

I am just now working on, and i am sure this will help me a lot..and I have been looking for such information since from few days

Anonymous said...

do u think i can make these w/o sweets

Anonymous said...

These are very good and helped me do the finishing touches on my project