Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple Stockpile - Week of April 13 - 19, 2011

This week there are a couple of good deals to do some stocking up.  

Sprouts has brown rice in bulk for only $0.69/lb!!  That is certainly a "stock-up" price - I think I will buy 20 lbs. (I have buckets to store it in).

Over at Basha's, there are a few good deals.  First, they have round steak on sale for $1.97/lb.  This would be  good price to buy some for the freezer.  There are so many good recipes you can make with round steak.  It is very versatile if you marinate or slow cook it so that it is tender.  On Saturday ONLY, they will also have Ground Chuck on sale for $1.99/lb.  I bought 10 lbs. last week at Albertsons - same price - but think I will buy another 10 lbs. for the freezer this week, too.  On Monday ONLY, Basha's has Food Club pasta for $0.50 per pkg/box, including whole grain.  Also, for those into sports/exercise, they have Powerade on sale for $0.50 each for 32 oz. size when you buy 15 of them.

At Fry's, they have a dozen eggs on sale for $0.99, but you might get an even better deal next week right before Easter.  Also, they have Steamfresh frozen veggies on sale for $1 and there is a coupon in SmartSource 3/20 paper that will make these even cheaper.

Well, that's all that I came up with for my stockpile.  If you come across any other great deals, please share!

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