Monday, March 20, 2006

Pray for Mexico and its national elections this year!

Faith healer protects Mexican presidential hopeful from enemies
Associated Press

VERACRUZ, Mexico – A faith healer known as the Black Wolf brushed basil plants over the face of Mexico's front running presidential candidate on Sunday to protect him against his enemies.

The leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador went through the so-called “cleansing” ritual while campaigning in the southern Mexican town of Catemaco, which is a famous center of faith healers and alternative spirituality.

“I'm defending a just cause that gives me great spiritual and moral strength. This is no more than a cleansing to protect me against any circumstances,” Lopez Obrador said in front of a rally of about 5,000 supporters, who were mostly peasant farmers.

Many Mexican artists and intellectuals go to Catemaco in March to receive cleansings from faith healers such as the Black Wolf, whose real name is Lucio Escobar.

Lopez Obrador, who is the favorite to win the July election according to most opinion polls, has accused his political enemies of plotting to destroy him.

On Sunday, he said his adversaries will not defeat him.

“Nothing will happen to me because good always triumphs over evil,” he said.

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Obrador has been the front runner for president of Mexico. The "faith healer", Black Wolf, is in the city of Catemaco, known for its "Annual Gathering of Witches", is where this presidential candidate went for a so-called "cleansing" ritual. It is known as the witchcraft capitol of the world! As the leadership goes, so goes the country! Pray for Mexico, its people as they vote and its leaders! - Joe

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