Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back home for a while!

The Burgan's have returned to Mexico after several weeks in Palm Desert, CA with Erica's great aunt, Rachel.

She is doing well, by the way, continuing to grow stronger everyday. God has greatly moved in that she has had virtually no pain through this whole process. Her sister, Joann, is in from Pennsylvania to help with the driving until Rachel can remove the next brace. We enjoyed the opportunity help out around the house.

We are all well. We had a delightful time with Roy and Michelle Pike from Australia. Roy had been raised as a baby by Erica's Grandma Niehaus. Erica hadn't since him since she was 2!

Burgans with the Pikes in Algodones.

Just to give you all a heads up, we are planning on a road trip this summer. Tentatively, we will be leaving Mexico around May 22 with Memphis, TN as our first stop. I am hoping to publish a newsletter with a more definitive itinerary with the next two weeks - the paper and the stamps have already been purchased!

We are hoping to have a yard sell at the end of the month. Basically to eliminate one of the two storage units we have but also to help with the costs of traveling. The Father has already been more than gracious in supplying more than we could hope! The van needed a new water pump and new tires and God supplied! We are so grateful for you who choose to invest in us and the work of the Kingdom through us!

BTW! I did want to let you know that if you use Windows, Microsoft released a series of patches yesterday to fixed security problems in Windows and Internet Explorer. Run Windows Update today!

Here's a picture of Cody and Alissa building a lake in the backyard.

Be blessed!

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