Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekly Grocery Deals in Phoenix Area

I got my ads earlier than usual today, so I am able to get this out to you in time for some of you to take advantage of the Wednesday specials! The sales aren't so great this week, in my opinion, but you may find some things you can stock up on or just buy what you need to get you through the week.

93% lean ground beef (5lb or more) $1.77/lb
Cantalopes 5/$5
Large Slicing Tomatoes $0.88/lb
Albertsons Chunks or Shredded Cheese 8 oz. $0.97
Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna or Sardines 2/$1
Maruchan Rmaen Noodle Soup 10/$1 limit 24
Chuck Roast or Steak (boneless) $1.99/lb

Split Chicken Breasts $0.77/lb
90% lean fresh ground beef $1.77/lb
Bashas' Milk - 1 gallon $1.39
Yellow Nectarines $0.88/lb
Gala Apples $0.88/lb
Green Bell Peppers $0.33/each
Red Bell Peppers $0.69/each

Food City
Boneless Beef Chuck Steak $1.79/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters $0.49/lb (10 lb bag)
Green Bell Peppers 4/$1
Bananas $0.33/lb
Red or Green Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb
1 dozen Medium Eggs $0.79
Carrots 1 lb bag 2/$0.88
Yam 2 lbs/$1
Lemons $0.79
White Onions 5 lbs/$1
Bartlett Pears 3 lbs/$0.99
Jalapenos 3 lbs/$0.99
Gala Apples 2 lbs/$1

Fresh & Easy
Reduced their everyday low prices on some items:
Frozen Potatoes $1.69 (28-32 oz)
Pantry Select Bread $0.88
Grade AA Large Eggs $1.25/dozen
Baja Tomatoes $0.98/lb

Yellow Peaches $0.67/lb
Roma Tomatoes $0.88/lb
Hass Avocados $0.88each
Boneless Beef Cross Rib Steak $1.88/lb
Nature Made or Nature's Bounty Vitamins Buy 1, Get 1 FREE

MEGA SAVINGS EVENT - Buy 10, Save $5:
Quaker or General Mills Cereal $1.39
Tropicana or Dole Juice $1.99
Progresso Soup $0.99
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits $0.88
Pepsi brand 2 liters $0.59
Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.88
Grands! Cinnamon Rolls $1.99
Toaster Strudel $1.49
Green Giant Canned Vegetables $0.49
and much more!!

Pro's Ranch Market
Pinto Beans 2 lbs. $0.89
Granny Smith Apples 3 lbs/$0.99
Peaches 3 lbs/$0.99
Bartlett Pears 5 lbs/$0.99
Red Potatoes 5 lbs/$0.99
New Mexico Hatch Chiles 2 lbs/$0.99
Marinated Boneless Chicken Leg Meat $0.98/lb
Pork Stew Meat $0.98/lb
Bone-in Beef Short Ribs $1.98/lb
Cut up Mutton $1.78/lb
Bananas 4 lbs/$0.99
Red Seedless Grapes 2 lbs/$0.99
Jumex Nectar 12 pack $2.49
Aquarius Spring Water 24 pk. $2.49

Tomatoes 3 lbs/$0.99
Jalapenos 3 lbs/$0.99
Boneless Beef Chuck Steaks or Roasts $1.78/lb
Bone-in Pork Chops $0.98/lb
Bar S Bacon 2/$3
White Corn Tortillas 75ct. $1.99
Palmolive Dish Liquid 16 oz. $1.29
Nissin Cup Noodles 3/$1
Kraft BBQ Sauce $0.79
Mexican Limes 3 lbs/$0.99
White Onions 4 lbs/$0.99
Small Chilean Hass Avocados 3/$0.99
Asian Pears 2 lbs/$0.99
Carrots 1 lbs bags 3/$0.99
Mushrooms 8 oz. $0.99
Cilantro 6/$0.99

Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs $0.99/lb
Yellow Peaches $0.49/lb
Cantalope $0.99/each
Broccoli Crowns $0.79/lb
72 HOUR SALE - Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
Pillsbury Cake and Brownie Mixes $0.79
Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes $0.77/lb
Lucern Large Eggs 18 ct. $0.99
Kraft Handi-Snacks $0.99
Kraft Easy Mac Cups $0.69
Klondike Bars 6 ct. $1.99
Safeway 100% OJ $1.77
and more!

Cluster Tomatoes $0.99/lb
Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $0.69/lb
Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.99/lb
Black or Red Plums and Pluots $0.99/lb
Gala Apples $0.88/lb
Yellow Peaches or Nectarines $0.99/lb
Eggplant $0.99/each
Sprouted 7 Grain, Flax or Wheat Bread 2/$5
Raw Almonds $3.99/lb
Mozzarella (whole or part skim) $2.99/lb
Whole Cashews $4..99/lb
Sprouts Bagels 6 ct. $1.99

Happy Grocery Shopping!!

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