Friday, May 07, 2010


God is so awesome - He even cares about our little desires! I LOVE blackberries and we even talked about getting some blackberry bushes and planting them at our new home. But it takes a couple years before they start producing, so it would surely be a delayed pleasure. And I have a friend in Yuma whose dad has a blackberry farm and would let the homeschool families come and pick several times in May and get to keep 10% of what they picked for helping. I have done that for several years and LOVED it, but this year it doesn't seem as though I will be able to do that.

So....God planted a little surprise (well, a really big surprise really) in our backyard long before we moved into this wonderful new home!! There is a huge blackberry bush in our backyard that is full of unripe berries!! There are going to be a bunch of berries in a few weeks! My husband discovered it while he was trimming back the overgrown vines around our outdoor fireplace to get it ready for the teen game night we are hosting tomorrow evening. He called me out there to see and I was SO excited!!! God is so amazing and cares about even the littlest things! This is a great Mother's Day present for me - directly from God!! I love Him SO very much! And I know He loves me more than I can imagine! (You, too, BTW).

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