Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mom

In honor and loving memory of my mom, I thought I would share a poem that I wrote about her way back in 1989.

The Things My Momma Taught Me

When I was young my momma taught me all the things a momma should.
But as I grew and watched her life, the lessons really began.
I watched my parents dedicate their lives to God in everything
And stand for Him and teach of Him to others every day.
I learned that every decision, whether critical or small,
Was placed in God's hands, for ours are far too small.

When I first fell in love and thought my heart was gonna break,
My momma taught me how to love in spite of circumstance.
And when that love had blossomed and was nurtured by a man,
My momma taught me how to be a woman in love.
She taught me how to "fight a good fight" and come thru more in love,
And momma taught me how to love when emotion isn't there.

When my daddy died, my momma taught me how
To be strong in God, to reach out to others when your world seems to fall apart;
To love so deeply and cherish the memories that no one can replace.
On the brink of losing everything, my momma still gave anything she could.
She provided refuge for another family in need,
While all around her things were crumbling down.

And when she lost the house that she and daddy built,
My momma taught me how to trust in God for everything -
To lean on Him, not earthly things, for my security.
And still my momma always kept on giving of herself.

When I ventured out in life, became a married woman,
My momma taught me how to really find myself.
She taught me how to be who I really am deep inside,
To show the world the "real" me, no matter what the price.
She taught me and encouraged me to follow God's leading no matter what others said,
And trust my heart when decisions became too hard to make.

And through adversity or calm, smooth sailing, my momma taught me how to laugh.
No matter the circumstances around us, she always had joy in her heart.
So many silly times we spent giggling and laughing together -
Enjoying life, God and others with all our hearts - together.
Together - that's what really counts in this life.
The time that's spent together is the most precious time of all.
No matter whether good times or bad, we were always there for each other.
Together - that's what mattered.

Much too soon the lessons started coming to a crescendo
As disease attacked and weakened momma so.
But still she stood stronger than anyone I know,
And faithfully served and shared her God to any who would listen.
As people came to visit as her body lay in bed
She touched their lives and ministered to them, not they to her.

Not many people understood her strength and hope in God,
Some people even criticized her faith - how small their God!
I know my momma's God and He is greater than we can imagine.
He planned her life, her every hour, He even planned her death,
As she followed His footsteps one by one by one.

Her eyes never strayed from His face as her strength began to ebb away.
I couldn't always be by her side in person those last days,
But it was OK for my momma and me, our love kept our hearts entwined.
My thoughts are never far away from the things my momma taught me,
I use theme very day I live - a living dedication,
To a lady who lived totally for God and loved completely.

In the final chapter of her life on earth (only the beginning of eternity, though)
My momma taught me the greatest lesson, the hardest lesson of all -
My momma in her quite, strong and loving way -
My momma taught me how to die to live with God for eternity,
To leave behind a legacy in family, friends, and love ones,
A banner to a single life lived wholly, totally for God!

I love you, Momma! And I miss you so very much!!
Your loving daughter,

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Jenni said...

This is very touching. I'm sorry for your loss, but what a beautiful hope of heaven we have, when you will be reunited. Blessings!