Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Baby Boy's 16th Birthday

Today my baby boy turned 16 years old!  Wow, I can't believe it!  His arrival in our lives was SO very momentous!  We had tried and waited for 12 years to have a baby and God brought this beautiful little boy into our lives to change us forever!  From the day we received him (he is adopted), we knew that God had an incredible call on his life and that has been confirmed prophetically many times.

He is an incredible man of God with a heart to help people.  We have been so blessed by him over the years and watching him grow and become the man God has called him to be has been an awesome journey!  He is full of passion for God, music and football!  Everything he does, he does with all of his being.  He is an encourager and a tremendous helper (that's what his name means:-).

I wish my son all the multitude of blessings that God has in store for him this year and in the years to come as he follows his Savior on the path He is leading him.  Love you, Buddy!!

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The HomeScholar said...

That is so amazing, isn't it, to watch them grow up and become men!! What a blessing! Enjoy!