Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl's Birthday Today!

Today, my sweet baby girl turns 14!  She has been an amazing blessing in our lives these 14 years.  She was only 1 day old when we brought her to our home and our lives have never been the same.  It took alot of cuddling that first year to help her overcome her total independence, but she has blossomed into a loving young lady who will often come to me for a hug.  She always is full of laughter and giggles.  All her life, she has been able to make new friends in an instant.  When we would go to the beach every week in Myrtle Beach, she would make a new friend within 5 minutes of arrival.  She is sensitive to others and a very caring friend to her friends.
She loves music and has an incredible voice that I am sure God will use for His glory in her future.  Roller skating is another passion of hers, as well as dance - right now she is taking Hip Hop/Krump at a Christian dance studio.
She is a strong and independent young lady, not afraid to be herself with others.  Although extremely shy as a child, she is full of self-confidence and comfortable with herself and others.  I don't know what her future has in store, but I know that God can and will use her for great things in her life.  My prayer for her is that she will continue to grow in the Lord, draw near to Him and learn to know His voice above all others.  I pray that she will walk in His footsteps as He leads her on a great adventure for her life!
Happy Birthday, Alissa!


Laura O in AK said...

What a beautiful baby picture of your daughter! Sending wishes for a year full of blessings ahead for her (and your son who recently celebrated his birthday.)

Char said...

Happy Birthday what changes over time. You are growing into such a beautiful young lady!

Jennifer said...

Wow, Great, Happy Birthday, wish u good luck.