Saturday, November 19, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is in a few short days!  This year has sped by and is almost coming to a close.  These last few weeks of the year are filled with holidays and much fun!

So today I needed to plan out our meal for Thanksgiving so that I can make sure to pick up all the ingredients over the next few days and prepare the desserts ahead of time.  Here is our menu:

Turkey (Jennie-O 39 cents/lb - I got 5 this year)
Stuffing (I like Mrs. Cubbison's cubed herbed doctored up a little)
Mashed Potatoes (88 cents/10 lbs at Albertsons)
Sweet Potato Corn Pudding (our family favorite tradition)
Green Bean Casserole (already stocked up except for fried onion rings)
Cranberry Sauce (on sale at Frys)
Horseradish (meal not complete without:-)
Pumpkin Pie (baking and pureeing the pumpkins today)
Pumpkin Roll (my son would never forgive me if I didn't make this)
Key Lime Pie (my daughter REALLY wants this)

That is our menu.  We just skip the salad type dishes to focus on the main events.   So what is on your menu for Thanksgiving dinner?  Are you hosting or going to someone else's home?  Feel free to share any family favorite recipes, too!

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