Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Coloring STILL Works!

Well, I thought the days of coloring books were past, but I was wrong! Even though my children are almost 12 and almost 13, they STILL like to color! Most of the time, the coloring books are more "educational" and "challenging", but to my amazement, my son (almost 14) actually requested a Garfield coloring book and both of them share the pages. They love to color while I am reading to them (yes, we read aloud every day and I plan to continue until college:-).

My son recently showed me his philosophy of life through the eyes of Garfield. I thought it was a pretty creative way to express himself. Now my daughter is "dying" to get a coloring book I told her about that is very detailed and has "hidden" animals in the pictures. I saw it at Michael's a couple weeks ago and thought my son would like it. But, alas, no. He just really wanted Garfield!

So when they are bored, don't discount the power of the old faithful coloring book, no matter how old they get.

Oh, and one other thing that my kids have discovered recently - Radio Disney! They love to play it while they do their chores or other times when they are playing. We actually listen via our DirectTV, but cable may have it also. This way, the TV is off, but the music motivates.

This is what Works For Me! For more ideas on keeping your kids from being bored this summer, go over and visit Rocks In My Dryer with her "Mom, I'm Bored" Edition of Works For Me Wednesday.

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