Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kitchen Tip - Subsitute for Evaporated Milk

Yesterday, I was making a recipe for macaroni and cheese (using whole grain macaroni, of course) that called for evaporated milk. I didn't happen to have any and it is too expensive to buy here in Mexico. I knew there had to be a substitute for it. I did a search online and sure enough, you can used dry milk with only 40% of the water called for in order to make the equivalent of evaporated milk. So there you go! I DO happen to keep dry milk on hand for making hot chocolate in the winter, so it was a very easy substitute.

And FYI, you could also use cream, but evaporated milk has much less fat and calories and does a great job of thickening as well. Just though I would share that Kitchen Tip for Tuesday. For more tips, go over to Tammy's Recipes.

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Jeff and Elise said...

I'm a totally random person, who was Googling "recipe substitution for evaporated milk" and I ran across this post. I think I'm getting ready to make the same Mac & Cheese you referred to (my recipe also calls for wheat pasta and evap. milk). THANKS a million for the suggestion of using dry milk!!