Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cool and Refreshing...Ahhhh!

It is so hot and humid here (and we hardly ever have humidity!), that I made up a cool and refreshing icy fruit drink yesterday to enjoy. First I made some sun tea using Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea. Then, into the blender, I put 3 kiwis, 1 T Agave Nectar, 1tsp. vanilla, 1 cup frozen blackberries (that I picked fresh in May), a tray of ice cubes and one cup of that sun tea. Then I blended it up and it was cool, tangy, refreshing and very purple! I don't have a photo because I let my kids take my camera on their missions trip - sorry! But trust me when I say it hit the spot!

Do you have any cool, refreshing drink recipes you could share with me? It seems about the only thing I am hungry for most days and I just don't have much experience in this category:-). Please share your ideas with me.

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Tipper said...

Sounds delicious! The only one I have is: Blend strawberries, ice, and a little sugar in the blender-makes something like a slushy-my girls really like it.