Monday, August 25, 2008

Saving Money on Groceries...the EASY way!

I have recently been introduced to a great website that has had amazing impacts on reducing my grocery spending and increasing the value I get for my money. It is My Grocery Deals!

On this website you just enter your area code and then it will find all the grocery stores and pharmacies in your area and list them for you. Under each store, you will find a list of all the items on special that week. You can click on a button to add an item to your list and when you are done, you can just print out the list in order by store and then simply and quickly make your rounds and get the best deals at each store.

This last week was my first time to use this site and I was SO impressed! I was able to get meat for over 13 meals for under $35, as well as eggs for 88 cents/dozen and milk for under $2 per gallon. This was at a store I do not frequent, but it was not out of my way really. And the items they were out of, they gave a rain check for so I can pick them up at that great price this week.

I do not have easy access to coupons and newspaper flyers, so this website is wonderful for me! I don't have to look through a bazillion sales ads in order to find what I am looking for and it prints out a neat list that I can just use as I go from store to store! The best part - IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!! That's right! Just register for free, and you, too, can take advantage of every store's sales each week in your area! Just go to My Grocery Deals and begin!

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