Monday, February 02, 2009

Way to Go Steelers!

What a great Super Bowl game! My son and I really enjoyed watching the game and decided that we really are tried and true Steeler fans. Since we live in Phoenix, we were also very excited that the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl, but down deep in our hearts we hoped that the Steelers would win. But we hoped it would be a good and close game, which it surely was! We took alot of ribbing from the folks around here, but the fans here in Phoenix are not as crazy loyal as those Steeler fans in Pittsburgh.

We have been trying to describe to our kids (who did NOT grow up in Pittsburgh like we did) what it is like in Pittsburgh when the Steelers go to the Super Bowl. And others around this area just don't get it when they see the intense loyalty of us Steeler fans:-). I told them it is heritage. The Steelers are a Pittsburgh institution that has been around for more years than any of us can remember and not only that - they are really good at football!!! They are the winningest team in all of Super Bowl history! Now that is a heritage to be proud of:-)

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