Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fantastic Rock & Worship Roadshow Concert!

Last night my friend and I took our kids to see the Rock & Worship Roadshow concert with MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road all for only $10!!! It was absolutely fantastic! I am so impressed with MercyMe's vision to bring this corporate worship experience to large masses of people for a very reasonable cost. They have put together 5 bands that all have a real heart for worship and all of them were really great and focused on Jesus rather than putting on a show. But the show was really great, too!!

I haven't been to a concert in a very long time, but this was really great! If you have the opportunity to go to this concert in your city, I highly recommend it! There were over 12,000 people there in Phoenix and it is coming to many cities around the country over the next month or so. Check out their website and spread the word! It is a concert that is REALLY worth the cost!!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the plug for this concert. I heard it advertised for Denver, and I immediately "shelved" it in my mind since I'm on a Thursday night softball league.

You brought it back into my thoughts, and I may have to bow out of the game so my family can attend this next week!