Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apache Reservation Missions Trip - Day 2

It has been a great day - until it started RAINING!!! The ONE thing we really didn't need was rain! The roof is wide open on the ends, the tar paper is a mess and they haven't begun to shingle yet! Oh, tomorrow should be VERY interesting!!!
The kids have been having a great time on the roof, as you can see here. They are alot like monkeys! They spent alot of time today chasing bundles of shingles as they slid down the roof! Seems to be a little silly.
Here are "Los Jefes" (The Bosses:-) - at least they think that they are! Supervision is VERY exhausting work - I should know!! And what exactly are they supervising, you may ask??????

The crazy guys hanging the eaves!! They look a little like monkeys in a cage, don't you think? These young guys are learning a TON of stuff from their fearless leaders (I'm serious now).

And here are even more monkeys climbing all over the roof!! Sure wish there were shingles on that roof BEFORE it started pouring down rain!! Pray for good weather tonight and tomorrow, please!
And I bet you were wondering just what new skills our young ladies were learning. Well, here are some of them hanging sheetrock. Mike Sorg is so wonderful about teaching and organizing these young people as they learn to do things they never even tried before!

All in all, it has been a great day! In spite of the rain, they are making good progress and having a great time! Time to take dinner down the mountain for this hard-working crew - Tacos!! Check back tomorrow for more updates (and hopefully I won't be so tired and silly:-)

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