Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apache Reservation Missions Trip - Day 3

Last evening, in spite of the rain, the Lord gave us the promise of a good day today with a little help from a beautiful sunset and two stunning rainbows! Mind you, it was still RAINING! But this morning, the work started at about 5:30am and the breeze overnight dried most of the building, with a lot of help from the sun this morning.

Check out the double rainbow, with them being mirror images of each other! We were sitting on the porch of the church eating dinner when this beautiful sight appeared right in front of our eyes and spanned the church perfectly! What a neat sign in the heavens for us!

Dinner was tacos, spanish rice, salad and desserts. The gang from Tracy, CA, sure are great at improvising and being creative with what they have to work with! They kept their spirits up and didn't let the rain wash them out.
Some of the guys had to take a break from time to time and be silly. Here they are just showing some of their unique personality.
Some of our fearless leaders: Mike Sorg from Tracy, CA and Darrell Martin from FreedomGate Church in Tempe, AZ. They are heading up most of the construction project and the work is moving along so very well!
The group from West Virginia are building a playground for the kids at Riverside Church.
Here is a shot of the whole gang who were working so hard today on the construction, as well as VBS and the playground.
Lunch was served: Ranch Chicken Wraps, Zucchini and Celery sticks with dip, oranges, chocolate chip bars, pasta salad and more!! A huge thanks to the great folks up in PineTop preparing all of the wonderful meals!! Nothing could be getting done at the sites without the fuel to keep us all going, so THANKS!!!
Aaaahhhhhhh!!! Relief at last!! Those Porta Potties were getting REALLY FULL!!! Thank goodness that they finally came and emptied them!!! You have never seen a group of people so thankful to see this guy as our crew was!!! Now we no longer have "Stinkum Muchum" at the church (and that's a long story:-)
Last night, there were alot more kids at VBS. They had a great time sharing with the children and having fun! Tonight there is a play, so it should be tremendous!! And I am sure even more kids will show up.

Here they are, hard at work first thing this morning up on the roof. Some of the guys and gals from the WV group have come to help get the roof finished, too!

Some folks are still hanging sheetrock inside. These kids have got it down to an art!
So far, a tremendous day! We are praying that the rain will pass over and not fall in East Fork, AZ today!! Great progress has been made on the building today and we don't want to see rain until the roof is completed. These guys and gals are working so hard for SO many long hours today! God will truly bless them for their hard work and serving hearts!!

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