Friday, July 03, 2009

Great Deals on Cereal This Week!!

There are some great deals this week on cereal, so take this chance to stock up - cereal has a pretty long expiration date.

At Basha's, you can get Kellogg's cereals for $1.50 each with their in-ad coupon ($6.00 off) and their 4 for $12 sale.

And at Safeway, they have a deal on General Mills cereals for $2.00 each, use some $0.75 off coupons found here, here, or here and you SHOULD get a $4.50 catalina for milk if you buy 3. Also, you can sign up for Cellfire and to get even more coupons loaded right onto your Safeway card. You could end up with really cheap cereal and free milk, too!

I already bought the Kellogg's at Bashas and will be trying out the deal at Safeway today, so I will let you know how it goes.

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