Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very, Very Late Edition of Best Grocery Deals!

I just got back from the reservation yesterday afternoon, but when I looked at the sales ads (my dear hubby saved them for me), there are a few great deals I wanted to make sure you all knew about. So here goes:

Blueberries $0.99/dry pint
Bing Cherries $0.99/lb
Peaches, yellow, white or donut $0.99/lb
Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.50/lb
Black or Red Plums $0.99/lb
Fuji or Braeburn Apples $0.99/lb
16 oz. Strawberries or 6 oz. Blackberries $1.50/lb
Roma Tomatoes $0.88/lb
Romaine, Green Leaf or Red Leaf Lettuce $0.88
Roasted Almonds $3.99/lb
Whole Cashews $3.99/lb
Monterrey Jack Cheese $1.99/lb
Rump Roast $1.99/lb
Chicken Breast Tenders $1.99/lb
Goji Berry Trail Mix $3.99/lb (this is my FAVORITE!!)
Sprouts Butter 2/$4
Sprouts Cage Free Eggs 2 dz./$4

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.67/lb
Blueberries 5/$5
Keta Salmon $3.67/lb
$1.99 each when you buy 2 Breyer's Ice Cream and 1 popsicle (6-12 ct)
General Mills Cereal 2/$3 and free milk when you buy 3 items
93% lean ground beef $1.77/lb

Blueberries $1/dry pint
mangos 2/$1
Celery $1
Whole Frying Chickens $0.67/lb
Keta Salmon Fillets $3.88/lb
French Bread $0.99
Mega Event - Buy any 10 items and get $5 off= some good deals!!

Red Seedless Grapes $0.77/lb
Iceberg Lettuce $0.88/lb
Roma Tomatoes $0.88/lb
Chicken drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters $0.79/lb
Milk $1.39/gallon
General Mills Cereal $1.88 each plus $3 coupon if you buy 6 items
Boneless Round Steak $1.49/lb
Tillamook Cheese 2/$5

Food City
Mangos 3/$0.99
Chicken Leg Quarters $0.49/lb
Top Sirloin Steak $1.79/lb
Plums, Peaches or Nectarines $0.88/lb
Donald Duck OJ 2/$3

Well, that should tide you over till the new sales start either Sunday, Monday or Wednesday (depending on the store). Happy Grocery Shopping!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! That sure made my grocery trip easier.

liza said...

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