Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Grocery Deals in Phoenix Area

Well, I have resigned myself to receiving my Wednesday mail and sales ads late!!! Almost 5pm yesterday and my son had a football game (just on the sidelines due to injury) at 6pm, so I never got to post this yesterday.

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts $1.67/lb
Pork Loin Roast $1.67/lb
Lay's Chips or Breyer's Ice Cream $1.99
93% lean ground beef $1.57/lb (5 lbs or more)
Assorted Pork Chops $0.97/lb
Gala Apples $0.69/lb
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls 8 ct $2.99

Whole Chickens $0.49/lb GREAT PRICE TO STOCK UP!!
Chuck Roast $1.37/lb
Gala Apples $0.49/lb
80% lean ground beef $1.77/lb (4 lbs or more)
Farmland Bacon $1.99
Del Monte Vegetables $0.58
StarKist Chunk Light Tuna $0.58
Willow Brook Turkey Breast (sliced at deli) $3.99/lb
Del Monte Pasta Sauce 10/$10

Food City
Bone-in Country Style Ribs $0.99/lb
Gala Apples $0.49/lb
FUD Chicken Franks $0.39/each limit 6
Dole Juice Blends $1.99
Boneless Beef Stew Meat $1.99/lb
White Onions 5 lbs/$1
Bartlett Pears 3 lbs/$0.99
Lemons 3 lbs/$0.99
Peaches 2 lbs/$1

Fresh & Easy
F&E Pasta 1lb $0.88

10 Item Mega Event - $5 off when you buy 10 mix or match
Kraft Salad Dressing $0.99
Kraft Mac n Cheese $0.49
Nestle Tollhouse Morsels $1.99
Ritz Crackers $1.99
Kraft Shredded or Bar Cheese $1.39
Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.49
and much, much more!!
Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 4 roll $1.88
Large Eggs 1 dozen $0.77
1/2 gallon milk $0.77
Green Seedless Grapes $0.67
73% lean ground beef $0.99/lb (5 lb chub)
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.57/lb

Pro's Ranch Market
Bone-In Chicken Breasts $0.98/lb
Boneless Beef Bottom Round Steak or Roast $1.78/lb
Cantaloupe 4 lbs/$0.99
Tomatoes 2 lbs/$0.99
Jenny-O Turkey Franks 2/$1
El Campero Long Grain Rice 4 lbs $1.39
La Costena Whole Jalapenos 26 oz. $0.99
Peaches 2 lbs/$0.99
Yellow Onions 5 lbs/ $0.99
Celery 2/$0.99
Kiwi 6/$0.99
Radishes 4/$0.99
Broccoli $0.69/lb
Bone-in Beef Shank $0.99/lb
Tilapia Fillets $1.89/lb
Chicken Wings $0.99/lb
Boneless Pork Legs $1.29/lb
Sunny Delight 48 oz. $0.69
Iceberg Lettuce 3/$0.99
Red Seedless Grapes 2 lbs/$0.99

Navel Oranges $0.88/lb
Red, Green or Black seedless grapes $0.77/lb
Fresh Express Salad Blends Buy 1, Get 1 FREE
Campbells Soup - Tomato or Chicken Noodle 2/$1
Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners $0.99 (combine w/coupon for FREE)
Hass Avocados 2/$1

Roasted Almonds $3.99/lb
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.77/lb
Hass Avocados 4/$1
Bartlett or Bosc Pears $0.69/lb
Gala Apples $0.69/lb
Empress Plums $0.69/lb
Navel Oranges $0.88/lb
Vine-Ripe Tomatoes $0.88/lb
Large Green Bell Peppers 3/$1
Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes 2 lbs/$3
Whole Cashews $3.99/lb
Colby Jack Cheese $1.99/lb
Wild Pacific Salmon Fillet $3.99/lb
Chicken Sausage (assorted) $2.99/lb
Wisconsin Blue Cheese $4.99/lb

Happy Grocery Shopping!!

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