Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weaning Off of Crutches....Huh!

This morning, I took my son to see the Orthopedic Specialist who diagnosed his avulsion fracture in the hospital 2 weeks ago (can't really be that long, can it?). He was pleased with the progress over the last few days. You see, just two days ago, my son was able to move his leg vertically for the first time since his injury. And this morning, he forgot his crutches when he got up because his leg was working almost normally!! And the pain is almost gone, too!!

Well, he has to go 4 more weeks before beginning Physical Therapy, but this doctor is a real down-to-earth fellow, and he understands that it is next to impossible to keep an athlete off his feet for very long. He realizes that crutches are a pain to handle all the time and he is a realist. He told my son that he could begin to "wean himself off the crutches" over the next 2 weeks or so. And to let pain be his guide - if he feels pain, he is doing too much, needs to use crutches.

The weaning is very quick and short-lived in this house:-) He is loving not "having" to use the crutches around the house. I will still make him take them when we go anywhere and when he goes to football practice each day (only to watch, not participate:-).

We are very thankful to God for touching his hip and bringing about a quick healing! It has probably been much more traumatic for me, the mom, than for my son dealing with this injury. He doesn't like being incapacitated (who does!), but he is very gracious and undemanding. I have to keep asking him if wants/needs anything. I thank God for the strength and patience to deal with his injury. It has been a little overwhelming to me as the parent. I know he is frustrated and disappointed to be unable to play football right now. That is hard for me, too. I am sure you parents out there understand how hard it is to watch our children walk through tough times. I just pray that God will heal him quickly and teach Him gently those things he needs to learn through this time.

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