Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raising Teenagers

Today, my baby girl turns 13 years old! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Wow, now both my kids are teenagers and I am in the midst of raising teenagers. I have heard so many people bemoan the teenage years as the worst time of their lives, but, although there are new challenges, I am enjoying watching my children grow up and become more independent. They are great kids and I enjoy them very much!

We spend alot of time together since we homeschool, but they also have many friends and are great kids - leaders amongst their peers. I hope to always be close to my kids and to enjoy these upcoming teen years as I watch them become the man and woman of God that He is calling them to be. I intend to enjoy my time with them, making the most of every day because we are not guaranteed any certain number of days. They grow up so fast and change every day!

I loved holding my tiny little babies in my arms! I cherished rocking them to sleep and singing lullabys to them. I enjoyed playing with them when they were toddlers and watching them explore and discover so many things. Through some tears and many joys, I watched them learn to read and then learn to enjoy reading!! I have watched them grow and learn, becoming more and more independent each year of their lives. I have watched them in many different situations and have seen how they are discerning and open to hearing God speak to them in a myriad of circumstances. They have given up many things already to follow God's leading in our lives. They have seen God bless them abundantly for their sacrifice and have watched as God has provided for every need in our lives. They have also been blessed when God has also given them the desires of their hearts.

Life has been an incredible adventure so far already! I am looking forward to many more years of adventure with these incredible gifts God has given me in my children!!

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Stefany said...

Happy Belated birthday to your daughter. Ahhh, teenagers. Fun and frustrating at the same time. :)