Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Buying a House

Well, we finally had our offer accepted on a house that we really wanted!! We are very excited, yet also overwhelmed with all the packing and moving that is coming very soon. And all the paperwork that we will have to do, too.

We finally found a house that we are very happy with, very little needs to be done to it and it has plenty of space for us. We are looking forward to being able to have lots of parties and gatherings at our house!! There is a huge family room with a very large entertainment center where all the kids can hang out and have a blast. We are hoping to buy a large sectional, game table and chairs, and maybe a foosball table for it there. There is also a living room with a fire place for the adults to hang out, as well as a large outdoor living space complete with fireplace, lanterns, and more.

It is going to be so much fun making this house ours! I have begun thinking about what I want to do for our master bedroom decor - it is time to change it out completely. I am thinking cool island retreat:-) And the kids have plans for their rooms, too.

I will keep you updated as this process moves along. We are hoping to be moving in around the middle of March. I will post pics when I get some good ones.

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Penny said...

Wow Erica, I'm sorry I haven't read your blog lately...I saw on fb you were moving but didn't know you guys bought a house! That's awesome and I'm so happy for you!