Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watching the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are my son's favorite. He has been waiting expectantly for 2 years for these Winter Olympics. We enjoy all the downhill events, as well as snowboarding. My daughter loves figure skating and I can't help but be fascinated by curling. I know, it is a strange sport, but it is alot like playing pool and for some reason I can sit and watch a whole match (IF the USA is playing:-). I have read to learn more about the rules and the stones used. Strange, I know!

We are looking forward to watching the Flying Tomato tonight (Shawn White) do his new signature move on the half pipe. Since we are in a close time zone to the Olympics and they are airing during the day and evening, I decided we would watch the Olympics for school this week. My kids have to watch at least 3 hours of Olympic events each day and they have to select a sport to write a report about by Friday. Are you using the Winter Olympics in your homeschooling? If so, what are you doing? Would love to get more ideas - there is a second week of them after all:-)

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