Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God Made the Best Storage Containers!!

Do you know how long you can keep an uncut pumpkin? Well, I bought 2 pumpkins BEFORE Halloween and I just cut them today and they are STILL fresh as can be!!! I am so surprised! I was afraid they would have gone bad inside or dried out or something. I bought one in order to make Soup in a Pumpkin, and the other was my daughter's to carve. Well, neither of those things happened around Halloween or Thanksgiving:-) So today I decided to cut into them and see what we had. That was over 5 months!!! And they are fresh and beautiful! The seeds are still good for roasting and I am going to make Soup in a Pumpkin today. Just thought I would share how wonderful the storage containers that God made are:-) Have a wonderful day!

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