Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fry's is Taking Competitors Coupons Again!!!

Beginning today, Wednesday, January 26th, Fry's is once again accepting competitor's coupons (like Fresh & Easy $5 off $30 or Safeway's "when you spend $10" ones).  They are also back to making all coupons equal $1, including those that say "Do Not Double or Triple"!!!  The only "rule change" to note is that the $5 off $30 (and others similar to that) will be taken off AFTER all coupons and VIP discounts are taken.

For those of us couponers, this is fantastic news!  I can once again limit most of my shopping to one store again, instead of running from store to store to get the best deals!!  I was very sad when they discontinued this at the end of December, but they were making so much $$, I guess they realized their mistake and are bringing it back again.  There is no word on how long they will do this, but I suspect it will be on and off throughout the year.  Take advantage of it when you can and reap the blessings!!

Also note that they are running a pretty good stock up sale that is $5 off when you buy 10 items.  Check it out and stock up on those items you use regularly.  Make sure to keep track of the number of items as you shop so you don't get messed up.  I like to tally mine on my shopping list as I go.  Then if I am an item or 2 short, I can just grab one or two more of an item to make up the difference.  And if you use your coupons along with this sale, you can get some really great prices!!

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