Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Tip - Don't Throw Away the Paper Separaters

When you buy a package of foil baking cups (I mostly use mine when I make meatloaf cupcakes), don't throw out the paper cups that separate the foil ones. You can use those for regular paper baking cups, so you actually get twice the number of baking cups in one package.

I didn't hear this anywhere that I can remember. I just remember one time when I was using those foil cups (probably April Fool's Day:-) that I thought, why can't I just use these other paper ones for cupcakes? And I did and they worked just fine. So get double duty out of your foil baking cups by using the paper ones, too.

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Edi said...

I've wondered about that but have been hesitant to try - now that I know it works - I'll do it. Thanks!

Robbyn said...

I've been doing that for years before I realized they were separators...ha! In fact, they look identical to the other cupcake "bottoms" in the store that aren't foil...