Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blessings Galore Today!

This morning I went out to yard sales looking for 2 items: a smaller bookshelf for all of our music books and curtains for my daughter's bedroom. As I got into the van about 8am, I asked God to lead me to the places where I could find what I was looking for at a great price (I only had $10 in cash on me and couldn't afford much more than that anyway).

Within the first 3 stops, I found a wonderful bookshelf and they were only asking $10 for it. I had picked up a bread tray with tile warmer at a previous stop, so I only had $8 on me. They took $8 for the bookshelf! Then I had a little time to kill before the Goodwill opened at 9am (today was their 50% off everything day), so I wandered around a little more to a few more yard sales. I passed an area where there were a bunch of people handing out tons of produce. My curiosity got the best of me, so I stopped. I walked over to find out if it was a farmer's market or something, and found out that it was a food bank farmer's market giving away carts full of produce for FREE! All you had to do was sign in, get a number and wait your turn. So I decided God had led me here to bless us and took my turn. I received a pizza, more yellow squash than we could ever eat, about 20 bunches of green onions, honeydew, a bag full of apples, some peaches, a bunch of packaged bake goods, a box of candy canes, 4 small cabbages, a bag full of leaf lettuce, a fruit tray, 6 cartons of grape tomatoes, some ready to bake Christmas tree cookies, a 2.98lb Tri-tip from Trader Joes (priced at $17!!) and a few other things. Whew!! What a blessing that was! I shared some of the produce with our pastor's wife and she is going to use some of it for our church meal tomorrow. I also sat a peeled almost all of the apples to make a couple of apple crips (since most of them were bruised). I will be making Yellow Squash Casserole and the Tri-tip for dinner tonight. I baked the pizza for lunch.

Then I finally got to Goodwill and they had curtains made of fabric with horses on them - my daughter's room is horse-themed!! And they were less than $6 for three panels (I am going to use one to make accent pillows, etc.)!!!

God is SO awesome! He is so anxious to bless us if we will just ask Him and seek His leading in everything we do! Even going out to yard sales to find a few items!!

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