Thursday, January 15, 2009

KidsWealth - Money Management for Kids

When I opened the box with the KidsWealth Money Kit, I was very impressed with all that it includes!  First, let me explain that this is a money management kit for kids ages 4 - 12.  But it is so much fun and attractive to kids!  "The KidsWealth Money Program will help your child learn the value of money, how to manage their money and build smart money habits for a successful future."

The kit contains the Money Kit Case (available in blue or purple), 5 Account Wallets, Kid's Guide, Parents Guide, Kid's Pay Calendar, Pencils, Calculator, Kid's Pay Agreement, Kal & Pals Sticker Sheet, and Kid's Pay Sticker Sheet.  The Account Wallets are for Wealth (savings/investment), Plan (long-term goals), Learn (educational activities), Fun (spending money) and Angel (charity or tithe).

This program is so simple and fun for your kids that they will be excited to take control of their finances.  The Parents Guide explains all you need to know the implement the program and get your kids well on their way to a successful future financially.

I was very impressed with the KidsWealth Money Kit and would highly recommend it to every family!  It is set up similar to the "envelope method" of budgeting and makes it very easy and fun for kids to plan and save.  The cost for all of this is only $39.95!  And it is so colorful that my daughter immediately began begging me to let her have it and start using it right away!  I think you will find that kids will have fun using the KidsWealth Money Kit as they learn to manage their money.

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