Monday, January 28, 2008

Sewing Covers for my appliances

Over the last several months I have received a Nutrimill Flour Mill from my great aunt and a Bosch Universal Mixer from my dear hubby. Well, here where we live it is VERY dusty - we live in the desert - so I decided I needed covers for my new appliances. So I got out some old fabric I had from many years ago and set to work. It was quick and simple, so I even made a potholder and plastic bag holder to match. I love to decorate, but since we live in a rented house in Mexico, I haven't done much in this house. So this added a nice, decorative touch to my kitchen as well as being very functional. I just measured the sides and top of each appliance and figured how much fabric I would need for each. By using two different fabrics for each, I didn't need really large pieces.

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