Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the U.S.A.!!!!

It is so WONDERFUL to be living back in the United States! We have lived in Mexico for the past 5 1/2 years and just moved back stateside a week ago. I just want to share how many little things we are so excited about! First of all, we have hot water any time and enough water pressure to turn on more than one faucet at a time! We have grass in our yard and a driveway and carport! Wow, what luxuries after so many years without these little things I bet you all take for granted:-).

And we get our mail right at our house and every day!!! We used to make a trip once a week to get mail. Our cell phones work all the time (not just intermittently when we got a US signal:-) and I can just run to the store for something without it being an all day trip! We can just jump in the car and be at friends' houses in minutes - don't have to wait for an hour in line just to cross the border! It only takes 10 minutes to get to church to worship - in English - with other believers! I can't even express adequately how thrilled I am each and every day to be able to do all these mundane every day things that most folks just take for granted!

I received a pile of grocery store ads on Wednesday - at my house!!! - and was able to go through and find the best deals and plan our meals around the best specials with one short trip to 5 DIFFERENT grocery stores!!! And they were all within a few minutes of our house!! We have 2 large shopping plaza/malls within 3 miles of our home, as well as a big mall about 4 miles away. There are so many things to do for Christmas that we are truly overwhelmed! Because traffic was so much worse during the month of December crossing the border, we would only get to do ONE thing for Christmas and now we have SO MANY OPTIONS!!!

Please take from this little bit of rejoicing on my part a new sense of all the many blessings and conveniences that God has surrounded you with! I hope for each and every one of you reading this that you will look at things a little more gratefully and realize that there are MANY blessings unique to living where you do and lift up your hearts in thanksgiving to God for all that you have.

I am bubbling over with joy every day as my children, husband and I enjoy the blessings of living here in Arizona in a wonderful home, community and country! I am enjoying every moment of this holiday season, giving thanks for every little thing that I am rediscovering, and I pray daily that I will always hold these things dear and appreciate all these little things that make life such fun! I don't want to take these things for granted every again, even as I get used to them again. I pray God will keep me in this place of thankfulness and joy through all the things He has planned for me. What an awesome God we serve!

Enjoy today and all the little joys it brings you!!!

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