Monday, December 29, 2008

Learning through PLAY!!

The basic concept of the Puppetools site - that is learning through play - is something I believe in greatly! The founder, Jeffrey Peyton, has spent many years researching and putting together information for educators about the great advantages of learning through play. He quotes many famous philosophers and educators who stressed the importance of play in learning.

The Puppetools website is designed primarily for the classroom teacher who needs inexpensive and creative ways to bring the joy of learning through play into the classroom. He teaches the basics of the "hinge" which is what all of the puppets are built upon. There are many patterns and ideas for use in learning and teaching that could be very helpful to getting you started in using play as a learning tool.

I truly believe in using play for learning and teaching, and when my kids were little we used puppets as part of that play. Now, we lean more towards games, but the concept is the same. Children will learn and retain more when it is presented in the context of play.

And individual subscription is now available for only $20 for a full year. If your co-op or homeschool group is interested in Puppetools, you could purchase a Group Subscription and share among 30 different families for only $99 for a year. That comes out to only a little over $3.00 per family!!

Whatever your method for including play as a learning and teaching tool, please make sure to incorporate it in your daily teaching to enhance your child's ability to learn and retain the material!! And take a moment to check out Puppetools to see if this may be the way to get you started.

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