Sunday, December 14, 2008

Teach Art From A Christian Perspective with Spears Art Studio

I am very arts/crafts oriented and LOVE to do all kinds of projects. However, we have never really used an art curriculum and was very interested in the Spears Art Studio curriculum when it arrived. I received the K-8th grade curriculum and have been so very impressed with how inclusive it is. There are fantastic themes and projects for every month of the year, and there are separate art projects for each grade K through 8!

The format of
Spears Art Studio K-8 Christian Art Curriculum, A Teacher's Manual© 2008 consists of a main theme (seasonal and holiday recognition included) for each instructional week of the school year, with one or more activities for each grade level based on that main theme, addressing art elements, art principles, design elements, etc.
• expanded Scripture integration
• color format and color illustrations (on CD-Rom in PDF)
• fuller development of themes
• Scripture connections

• core curriculum connections
• 269 art activities (many new and revised)
• 137 patterns and posters
• 498 instructional pages
• analyzed for National Visual Art Standards and TEKS

(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)

This art curriculum
supports the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of Classical education, but is an incredible art program for any style of homeschooling. And for what you get on one CD, it is VERY reasonable priced. The complete curriculum for K-8 is only $39.95 with shipping included. This includes all of the templates for projects, as well as all the teaching materials! If you want to buy the printed copy, you can get a black and white copy in a binder, as well as the full color CD rom, for $134.95. That comes out to about $14.99 per grade year! How reasonable is that!

They also have a high school curriculum which I am sure is fantastic based on what I have seen of the excellence with which Diana Spears has put together the K-8 program. The prices for the High School Art Survey program is only $29.95 for the CD rom, $69.95 for the hard copy in a binder, or a combo of both for only $84.95.

There are sample pages and lesson plans available on their website so you can check it out and see how excellent this program is for teaching art to your children at all levels. Take a minute and check it out today - I promise you won't be disappointed if you are interested in quality art education for your family.

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