Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Grocery Deals in Phoenix Area

This is the week to stock up on 93% lean ground beef, whole chickens and strawberries are still a good price, so stock up and freeze them for later. Also, because today is Earth Day, you can get a free reusable shopping bag for free at many different places although some require a minimum or specific item purchase.

Strawberries 1 lb $0.97
Donald Duck Orange Juice 64 oz. $0.99
Kellogg's Cereal 3 for $7.00 and you can get free gallon of milk and Oroweat Bread
Gallon of Milk $1.47

Boneless London Broil Steak $1.88/lb
Shamrock Milk $1.57 gallon
18 pack eggs $1.99
Sanderson Farms Whole Chicken $0.68/lb
Fresh Green Beans $0.88/lb
Food club Ice Cream or Sherbet 56 oz. $1.99
Ramen Noodles 10 for $1.00
Food Club Tomato Sauce $0.17
Food Club Vegetables (can) $0.48

Food City
Chicken drumsticks or thighs $0.69/lb
Food City Bacon $1.29
Mangos 2/$1
Green Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb
Whole Chickens $0.79/lb
Gala Apples $0.79/lb

THURSDAY ONLY Produce Specials:
Bananas 3 lbs./$0.99
Navel Oranges 3 lbs./$0.99
Lemons 2 lbs./$1
Russet Potatoes $1.99 15 lb bag

Fresh & Easy
Chicken Leg Quarters $0.88/lb
Tri Tip Roast $2.99/lb
Activia Yogurt $1.50 each for 4 pack
Trix, Cocoa Puffs or Reese's Puffs 3 for $6
Charmin Basic Bath Tissue $5.48 12 rolls

Assorted Pork Loin Chops $0.97/lb
Chicken drumsticks, thighs or whole fryer $0.77/lb
On the Vine Tomatoes $0.77/lb
English Cucumbers $1 each
Sliced or Whole Mushrooms $1
Blackberries 5.6 oz $1.
93% Lean Ground Beef $1.88/lb
Kroger Orange Juice 1/2 gal $1.00
Kroger Shredded or Bar Cheese 6-8 oz $1.00
Peanut Butter, Jelly or Bread $1.00 each
Popsicle 12 count $1.00
Cool Classics Novelty Ice Cream $1.00
Angel Soft Bath Tissue (4 rolls) or Scott Paper Towels (mega roll) $1
Kroger Cream Cheese or Bagels $1.00
Kellogg's Cereal 2 for $5
Apples $1.00/lb
Baby Carrots $1.00/lb

Boneless Beef Round Steak $1.47/lb
Boneless skinless Chicken Breasts $1.77/lb
Sara Lee Mix & Match 2 for $5 (includes Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, Hillshire Farms)

93% lean ground beef $1.97/lb
On the vine cluster tomatoes $1/lb
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing $0.99

Smart & Final
Foster Farms Chicken Thighs $0.99/lb
Henry's Chunk Cheese 2 lbs for $5
Mangos 3/$0.99
Ready Pac 3 lb Garden Salad $1.99
Boneless Beef Brisket $1.89/lb
Butter $1.79/lb

Pineapples $0.97 each
Organic Apples - Fuji or Golden Delicious $0.88/lb
Mangos $0.69/each
Hot House Tomatoes $0.97/lb
Navel Oranges $0.69/lb
Red or Golden Delicious Apples $0.77/lb
Skinless boneless chick breasts $1.99/lb
Yellow onions 3 lbs. for $1.
Bartlett or Bosc pears $0.99/lb
Idaho Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag 2 for $3
Colby Jack Cheese $1.99/lb
Provolone Cheese $3.99/lb

Happy shopping this week!

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