Friday, April 03, 2009

Finally Found....Mayo Without Sugar!!!

When I lived back in the East, I used to buy Duke's Mayonnaise because it was the only brand that did not have sugar in it. Well, out here in the West, they just don't carry Dukes:-( I chose the best I could find (where sugar was farther down on the ingredient list), but was never really very happy about it.

Yesterday, because they had their mayo on sale for $1.99, I looked at the Fresh & Easy mayonnaise and you know what I found????? There is NO sugar in it!!! And to top it off, it is very inexpensive, too!! Wooohoooo!!

This may seem a little thing, but eliminating extra sugar from our diet has been a main goal of mine for quite a few years and this is quite a victory for me. I feel much better about our mayo now. So, if you didn't know that your mayonnaise had sugar in it, be aware. And now you know there is another choice - Fresh & Easy mayonnaise. I don't know how many states have Fresh & Easy stores, but their deals are really good sometimes, so you might want to just check it out.

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