Sunday, April 05, 2009

Write Shop Storybuilders

If you have any trouble getting your kids to write because they can't think of what to write about, this is an excellent tool! WriteShop Storybuilders are a fantastic aid to help kids with topics to write about. It comes as an instantly available download which is a set of cards that become the starting point for creative writing projects. Your students (or you) can choose cards for the character, character traits, setting and plot. Then your student just uses their imagination to create a story based on these cards. It can be fun and silly or serious and intense, depending on how you and your children choose to use these Storybuilders. They are appropriate for all ages and can be used again and again, making them a great tool to keep handy anytime your young writers encounter "writer's block."

There are several different series of these Storybuilders, including World of People, World of Sports, World of Animals and a special mini set for Christmas. The full sets run just $7.95 and the mini set $3.95, so they are very reasonably priced and with the ebooks, you can get them right away! We received the World of People and the Christmas mini set and my kids were very interested in creating stories using these cards. Try them out with your kids to give their creative writing a boost.

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