Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Generations of Virtue

I was very excited to receive products from Generations of Virtue since I have been looking at and hearing about their products for some time. I had plans to purchase some of their products for my children and was thrilled to be able to review Beautifully Made!

Beautifully Made! is a 3 book set and is such a great help for moms and their daughters who are just coming into womanhood. Book 1 is Approaching Womanhood and is written for you to give to or read with your daughter who is nearing the time for her first period. This book is so gently and beautifully written to explain many things to your daughter about what is happening in her body, both physically and emotionally. I don't know about you, but beginning my menses was never viewed as something to celebrate. If you are like me, then you need to have your heart reprogrammed so that you can help your daughter realize what a gift and blessing it is to be the bearer of children and what God intended for women. I really appreciate this book for its gentle manner. It focuses on the positives only and helps to ease a girl's anxiety as she approaches this passage from girlhood to womanhood.

The second book, Celebrating Womanhood, is for you to give to your daughter when she begins her first period. It has more details about what to expect, what products to use and about PMS. It also still focuses on the positive and celebrates this passage for your daughter in to womanhood. Again, it is very gently written and positive in focus.

The third book is written for you, Mom, and is entitled Wisdom from a Woman - Mother's Guide. This book contains ideas on how to celebrate this momentous occasion with your daughter and help her walk through this potentially difficult time. This biblically-focused book can help every mother explain some of the intricacies of womanhood to her precious girl.

The entire 3 book series Beautifully Made! is only $18.99 and is worth every cent to help a mom and her daughter walk through this passage from girlhood to womanhood with a positive and celebratory attitude.

You will want to take some time to check out many of their other products. They have purity rings and jewelry, books for boys, girls and parents, gift ideas and much more! Their goal is to "equip parents to empower their kids for purity in our world today." With my kids entering their teen years, you can be sure I will be turning to Generations of Virtue for more help along the way. They also have Technology Tools to help make the Internet and movies/dvds, etc. safe for your children.

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